June 10, 2023

Sébastien Demorand - Junior Masterchef: "Are you all right buddy?"

It is often known to be intractable with the candidates of Masterchef that he has been judging for two years but for Masterchef Junior which will be broadcast on December 22nd, Sébastien Demorand it had to be soft, as soft as a lamb so as not to scare children too much. And it works, since on the set of Masterchef Junior, the atmosphere in which participates Sébastien Demorand is particularly good-natured, thus launching Jean, one of the young candidates of Masterchef : "how are you Jeannot, are you all right buddy?"
Jean is the rare pearl of Masterchef Junior discovered by Sébastien Demorand, Frédéric Anton and Yves Camdeborde during the selections: "out of the hundreds of children we saw, Jean flew over his head and shoulders! He is amazing this kid, really bluffing!" When he talks about these small candidates, there is Sébastien Demorand an almost mischievous enthusiasm, in any case very eloquent. "The kids is the future! Tomorrow, they will be future customers, they will go to the market and the restaurant".
If he says filming with children is difficult and restrictive, Sébastien Demorand do not sulk his pleasure to participate in this adventure that he considers first as a "cultural and educational mission"since finally"the stakes are not the same as with the big ones".

Sébas­tien Demo­rand : voilà ce qu’est devenu l’an­cien juré de Master­chef (June 2023)