January 31, 2023

Sandra Bullock, a coat rack that can pay big!

At one of the fashion magazines, the stars appear in their evening dresses for VIP ceremonies such as the Golden Globes, the Oscar or the Cannes Film Festival. And if brands are fighting to dress up the most courted stars on the planet, it's not just for their beautiful eyes ...

Yes, shot by photographers from around the world, these glamorous photos will then appear in major magazines, ensuring free advertising and global impact for brands.

Aware of the potential jackpot, agencies specialized in media consulting for brands have determined which were the most "bankable" stars for fashion, ie the stars that sell the most.

And oh surprise, when we would have expected Victoria Beckham, Blake Lively, Kate Moss or perhaps it girls like Taylor Momsen or Alexa Chung in the Top 10, it appeared that these fashionistas have a weak influence on the style consumers.

Among the most prescriptive actresses, we find rather Sandra Bullock, Drew Barrymore, Kate Hudson and Penelope Cruz. To establish this top glamor ranking, the specialists have indeed looked at the sales figures of the site StyleSpot.com which offers Internet users to buy online the outfits of the stars.

So the dress Vivienne Westwood carried by Sandra Bullock has been at the top of sales of this e-commerce site. A snub to fashion editors who have little regard for Sandra Bullock, and a clue for brands looking for their next muse. it might be time to dare to bet on Miss Sandra Bullock !

Sandra Bullock blue dress- Miss congeniality (January 2023)