August 16, 2022

Sandro's Christmas gift full of love

The puzzle of the holidays, the more it goes, the worse it is. Your loved ones have everything, it's terrible. How to make them happy without duplicating, but especially without being wrong? You have already given in the beauty box, the scarf and other earrings ... You are deadlocked. But, fortunately, there are brands that take care of your thinking.

This is the case of Sandro, who has just released a charming limited edition box specially for the end of year celebrations. The little box contains a lovely scarf Silk ready to lodge in the neck of your best friend or your grandmother, because its printed hearts and its pretty poppy color are transgenerational ... But also a candle greedy with orange peel, cinnamon, ginger, star anise, gingerbread and vanilla, which will embellish the home of the happy elected to whom you will offer it.

Is not it clever as a gift? In addition, it is not too expensive: 60 euros. All you have to do is run in the shop Sandro the closest.

Love the Christmas Gift (August 2022)