February 22, 2020

Sarah Michelle Gellar pregnant: 4 tips to copy her look

At 35 and pregnant with her second child, the actress Sarah Michelle Gellar become famous for her performance in the series "Buffy the Vampires", is more beautiful than ever. Sexy and feminine, she assumes completely her curves and forms and everything to make envious. Do not panic, you'll be able to copy his look with different tricks.

Adopt the bohemian chic look
From the top of her 1m59, the star is at the forefront of fashion with its bohemian chic style, and does not hesitate to wear dresses that fall to the ankles, worn with a small jacket. So big or small, like Sarah Michelle Gellaryou will be able to adopt this look. In contrast to follow this trend from the United States in the 1970s some pitfalls are to be avoided. Indeed, try not to make the total look from head to toe and overlays of clothing and accessories. Opt as Sarah Michelle Gellar for a simple jumper or a little hat that brings a touch of glamor.

Dare to wear jeans shorts
You are pregnant ? Ok but why hide behind clothes too big and without forms. Looking for comfort? It's normal. Know that it is possible to combine comfort and sexy clothes. Do as Sarah Michelle Gellar who loves wearing jeans shorts. He is one of the essential clothes in his wardrobe. Worn with a slightly wide top or a plaid shirt, it gives a simple but relaxed look.

Put your neckline in value
What's more feminine than a pretty neckline? Femininity starts with a habit. Sarah Michelle Gellar has understood and likes to wear sexy V-neck tops highlighting her femininity. Dare you too the pretty blouses or sweaters
Hairdressing level?
To have a dreamy hair start Sarah Michelle Gellar, know that the blond is a sharp color par excellence that requires know-how and a lot of maintenance. Whether wicks, fading or dyeing, you must take care of the hair so that the blonde remains at the top in time and in its hue.


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