April 20, 2024

Sautéed pork with cider and fried potatoes

Surely the dish the longest to prepare for all this dinner. It will not require you to stay the whole evening in the kitchen. Place it in the oven half an hour before the arrival of your guests ... it will cook an hour more, during the aperitif and the entrance.
Know that this recipe combines crunchiness, smoothness and acidity. What, according to Stéphane Olland, is essential to everything dish full.

Ingredients (for 20 people)
5 kg of pork loin (ask your butcher to cut them into pieces of 60 to 80 g)
10 apples Granny Smith
1 kg of onions
2.5 kg of carrots
20 cloves of garlic
Bouquet garni
40 cl of cider
100 g of butter
5 cl of oil
Salt of Guerande

Preparation (20 minutes, plus 2 hours of cooking)
Heat the oil with a little butter in a casserole. Place loins in the bottom, without overlapping them. Make them stiffen (come back, but with less coloring, so on a softer fire, but just as quickly). Then take them out and start over with the rest.

In the juices and fat created, sweat the onions, carrots, garlic and bouquet garni for a few minutes. Take from them.

Remove the fat: it remains the juices, which caramelized at the bottom of the casserole. Deglaze with sweet cider.

Replace the meat and vegetables. Put an hour and a half in the oven ... if yours is big enough to accommodate your casserole. Otherwise, cover, and leave on low heat an hour and a half.

While cooking, wash, peel and cut apples in large neighborhoods (3 per Apple). Sear them with 50g of sweet butter and salt of Guérande ... not too long, so that the sweetness of the stir-fry is contrasted by the crunchy apples.

Serve the meat on one side of the plate and, on the other, apples lying on the vegetables. Finish by sprinkling with parsley dish.

Sauteed potatoes with pan fried pork steaks & caramelised apples | Easy pork steak recipe (April 2024)