April 17, 2024

Savory macaroons: a tendency to fall

Instead of presenting the macarons at dessert time or coffee greedy, and if we played the card of originality by inviting them to theaperitif ? Because our little marvelous and round marvels can be salty as well as sweet. And their tastes can be damn extravagant! For the hulls, nothing changes: egg white, icing sugar, almond powder and hazelnut. You can add a little salt and some herbs and especially a nice color thanks to food colors.

The ganache that garnishes macarons also allow yourself all the follies: goat cheese with a little black cherry jam or goat-chives, tapenade, cep or aubergine caviar ... Also think about playing on the colors and serve a macaroon bright red with a sweet pepper ganache accompanied by macaroon green, covered with a little paprika and stuffed with guacamole. For a small Mexican atmosphere, it's perfect. Instead of cheese, you could also have a delicious meal macaroon all white stuffed with blue cheese and pear with a macaroon all blue in Saint-Marcellin with a little jelly of quince.


Chic salty macaroons
For a chic evening, go for it macaroon the foie gras with a little fig jam sandwiched in two black jay shells. Believe me, it does not matter. Let's continue in chic with a macaroon smoked salmon with a little orange marmalade and if you're a fine cook, why not try it macaroon truffle star? Match the colors to your table and you'll be ready for an almost perfect dinner.


Discover different flavors of macarons salty by tasting the tasty creations of Pierre Hermé (photo): asparagus and hazelnut oil, fresh mint and peas ... A delight to be tasted without moderation and always at will.

Beth's Foolproof French Macaron Recipe (April 2024)