April 20, 2024

School supplies Hedgehog, originality and design

For this fall 2008, you will not be without going through the purchase phase of school supplies!
The children all want to go to school with colorful and colorful supplies.

Here is a brand full of originality in a childish universe: Hedgehog.
Hedgehog, recognizable by his mascot: the hedgehog, offers you invitation cards, notebooks, notebooks, labels to write the name of his child, pencils because we always need them, kits for girls and boys, not to mention pens for writing.

But Hedgehog is also, decoration, gift ideas like badges to decorate his bags and clothes, bodys, T-shirts, aprons but also embroidered bibs and health notebooks for baby.
Soon, you will discover the new eco collection and especially for girls, the dancer collection.

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