June 13, 2024

School: the price of school supplies up in 2011

During this operation, major retailers (Auchan, Carrefour, Casino, Cora and Système U) offer school material at the most attractive prices possible. But the families should still be disappointing this year. Jacques Creyssel, general delegate of the Federation of Enterprises of Commerce and Distribution, recently recognized that the prices of the "Essentials of the return" would increase. This increase is due to the rise in the raw materials used in the paper industry (+ 40% for the price of paper pulp).

Rising prices

Brigitte Masure, President of the Trade Union Confederation of families, estimates in Le Parisien-Aujourd'hui in France that the purchase of the re-entry supplies last year cost 40 euros for a child in mother, 113 euros for a preparatory course, 337 euros for a sixth and 821 euros for a student of second technology. And the bill should still climb for the start of 2011.

Jacques Creyssel, however, promised that the rise would be moderate. According to a study published last June by the online shopping site Twenga, the average cost of school supplies will increase by 18% compared to 2010.

These "back to school essentials" appear on a list of school supplies pre-established by the ministry, which wants to limit the number of items in school bags. This list version 2011 includes thirty references ranging from notebooks to binders through the eraser and pencil sharpener. On the other hand, the purchase of the binder is excluded from this list.

An inadmissible decision for the Federation of Parents of Public Education Students (peep): "The fact that a sign removes the binder from this list is not acceptable." The binder for us is essential "explains his treasurer general, Daniel Shwarz.