June 23, 2021

Schooling of children from 2 years old: where are we?

A French specificity
The nursery school covers a "unique" reality: not compulsory but highly recommended, it is the cycle of awakening and learning that prepares children from 3 years old, in primary school. Mainly organized around the game and awakening activities, it aims to "help child to become autonomous and to appropriate the knowledge and skills in order to succeed in the basic preparatory course, "says the brochure" Practical Guide to parents, My child in kindergarten "published by the Ministry of National Education.
Different opinions
For a long time, the schooling of children less than 2 years is possible if thechild is psychologically and physically ready, that is, clean, but not only. Some teachers do not hesitate to denounce this early schooling, highlighting the psychological difficulties experienced by the smallest while they do not fully understand the language.
A measure that suits
If, for a long time, schooling from the age of 2 was recognized as a factor of success for entry into primary school, it became above all a means to parents to ensure that they are kept at a lower cost child. So you have to ask yourself if your child will be able to withstand a heavy pace of stress and waiting between activities, if he / she will gain confidence in being surrounded by older youth.

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