June 6, 2020

Scissors designed for children and students

The brand Fiskars has put on sale new scissors for children and students.

Designer scissors in bright and modern colors

The colors proposed are blue, purple, pink and red for scissors dedicated to children and blue, purple, green and orange for scissors reserved for students. As for the ring of the thumb, it is molded like that of adult scissors. To learn more, click here

The finger ring is larger to fit the size of the child. The anti-microbial treatment of the rings limits the proliferation of bacteria. Scissors are reserved for students from 12 years old.

Scissors for the little ones

At home or at school, the little ones also need a pair of scissors. The Fiskars brand thought of them by enlarging the family animal scissors.

Now there is the panda and the ladybug. The sale price of these scissors, reserved for children from 5 years, is about 2.60 euros.

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