August 16, 2022

Scorpio Horoscope 2010: love predictions

First trimester: Happiness will wait for you. The two most beneficial planets of the Zodiac will be in the sentimental areas of your theme: Jupiter, luck, and Venus, the goddess of love. These planets are favorable for those who live in pairs, and who will consolidate their links both sensual and intellectual; and also for the solitaries, who will be numerous to meet the person they are waiting for.

Second trimester: March in this aspect will be worth to you some swirls on the level of love. Mars is the god of war, but he is also the master of desire and sensuality. And for you who, as a good native of the sign, do not usurp your reputation as a great lover of the Zodiac, this celestial visitor can set fire to the powders by plunging you into an intense sensual passion. Some of you will choose to target their usual (usual) partner. But hope he (she) will be starting!

Third quarter: As much to warn you, there will be nothing very famous to expect heart side these days. Saturn in this aspect will not be, far from it, the best guarantor of your amorous fulfillment. Those who are alone will have to wait patiently and find other topics of interest, as their loneliness may last a little longer. As for couples, they may experience a cooling. Some might even consider a temporary separation, just to take stock before making a decision for the future.

Fourth quarter: Under the benevolent influence of Jupiter, there will be a strong chance that your desires for life together will be fulfilled at this time. After a period of loneliness or relationships dominated by instability, it will be time to move to a more constructive stage in your love life. If you have already met the soul mate, you could take advantage of this beneficial period to make your marriage proposal. If you are still lonely, you will soon meet the person with whom to start a family.

Scorpio - Wednesday - 08/04/2010 - Soul Horoscopes (August 2022)