May 29, 2023

Scorpio Horoscope 2011 - Love

Scorpio Horoscope 2011: your love destiny

First trimester : Ah, what a beautiful period in perspective! Laughs, cuddles, kisses ... everything will be allowed when the Moon and Venus in your theme will give you an eternity of love! This period will offer you happiness to two on earth; you will be satisfied. If you live alone, this period will prove to be one of the best of the year for a meeting promised a bright future. If someone makes you beat your heart, do not play the shy ones. Explain yourself clearly. It would be too bad to miss such a great opportunity!

Second trimester : You can enjoy a quiet conjugal happiness, without clashes or clashes. Only, be careful not to let the routine and habits get sneaky in your life as a couple. Similarly, be prepared to discuss frankly with your spouse or partner some basic problems that could, in the long run, worsen if you do nothing to solve them. Staying very vigilant, you will continue to enjoy the happiness in love. For singles, there will be nice flirtations, but these will have a low probability of duration; the separations will be without bitterness and without spite, and you will live without making plans for the future. A discreet connection can bring you many joys, but could also cause a scandal if it were to be discovered; so be on your guard.

Third trimester : Given the harmonic aspects of Venus, you should know these days the pleasures of shared love with your spouse or partner, who will be as optimistic and open to dialogue as you are. Congratulations! If you live alone, the climate will be flirting rather than serious commitments. Only a few single natives of the second decade will be entitled to a very important heart stroke under the influence of Pluto - a blow so disturbing heart that he may also destabilize somewhat in the early days.

Fourth trimester : Your relationship may be mediocre because you will be inclined to show a dangerous carelessness. Unconsciousness in this domain is one thing, but ostensibly ignoring the other is another, which is hard to forgive. Your partner will have a hard time supporting your behavior and will let you know by words! Single, you will be advised to be very attentive in contemplating your sentimental future. You like frankness, and an open-hearted discussion can prevent the irremediable. A favorable evolution is still possible, whatever your personal situation may be; but it will be necessary to manage to dominate your jealous temperament so as not to spoil your chances.

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