October 27, 2021

Scorpion financial forecast for the year 2008

First quarter: More than ever you will rely on prudence and the long term in the financial field. This way, you'll avoid risky operations, but if you have some savings, you'll make safe investments. The influence of Saturn will also make you think a lot about your material future and that of your loved ones. It will be a good time to buy life insurance or open a retirement savings plan.

Second Quarter: Caution in the material world has never been your dominant quality, and this is not the time it will start! Fortunately, you will be careful not to take excessive risks, or to embark on poorly prepared or overly hazardous operations. So you will be able to grow your resources and improve your purchasing power. Especially since you will have an extraordinary flair to find bargains.

Third quarter: At the beginning of the period, a financial problem may disturb you somewhat. But the end of the period will see your difficulties resolved. Avoid, anyway, to build up utopian projects; keep your feet on the ground and do not assume your possibilities, or those of others for that matter. Friendships will be very important in the realization of your financial plans; be aware of how you behave.

Fourth quarter: Beautiful material prospects! Indeed, you will have the wind in sails, and you will be able to carry out very profitable transactions. In particular, you will be able to buy or sell real estate in particularly favorable conditions.

Scorpio Forecast 2009 by Barbara Goldsmith Astrologer (October 2021)