November 30, 2021

Secret Story 4: Julie, Amélie, Stéphanie ... girls' beauty look

Julie, Amelie, Charlotte, Shine, Stephanie, Coralie, Anne-Krystel, Chrismaelle, they are eight at the moment in the house of secrets. Each of these girls has their own personality, and this 4th season of Secret Story is rich in feminine looks!

Hairstyle, makeup, the girls are pretty and they assume it! Nail polish for Coralie, blonde locks for Stéphanie, Shine and Amélie, fire hair for the spicy Charlotte, red hair and curly for Chrismaëlle and Anne-Krystel ...

What is certain is that no one goes unnoticed, whether by their make up or their dyeing, and we love this variety of styles!

> All the pictures of their look, it's here!

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