October 25, 2021

Secret Story 4: the debrief of the Fashion Police!

Friday night, Benjamin Castaldi gave the send-off of the fourth season of Secret Story. At GirlsFromMainStreet.com, our insider did not miss a crumb of this colorful evening. Among the candidates of this season, some have not been slow to be noticed:




- It's impossible to miss Anne Krystel, a 24-year-old Canadian, who is as identifiable by her caribou country accent as by her chest. Perched on 15 cm heels, wearing a corset and a mini shorts, the young woman made a shattering entrance. Star in his country and singer in a group Erotika, the red-hot girl should animate the show.




- At the hairline, Charlotte's punkette caught our attention. Iroquois haircut statue of freedom under acid, look grungette and lip piercing, the young woman does not go unnoticed. Rebellious, the young woman promises to put hair on her head to her little friends.




- More conventional, here is Julie! These gentlemen should not be insensitive to Julie's charm. "What she wants, she gets it" ... like, would she be the female Don Juan this season? Arrival in the house in pink strapless mini dress (strapless dress visibly victim of the law of gravity), the young woman could be the sexy girl of the season!

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