May 29, 2020

Seduction asset: how to make a pro striptease?

With the advent of Dita Von Teese, the burlesque stripping offers a second youth and returns to the taste of the day. The art of stripping is not improvised, it is a subtle learning that requires a little training before giving a private representation to your favorite partner. Some movies of cult movies can inspire you: Demi Moore in the movie Striptease, Kim Basinger in 9 weeks ½, Jamie Lee Curtis in True Lies... In short, a broad filmography can hatch your talents as a stripper and help you train.

The striptease is designed as a choreography, a slow dance where you will gently remove your clothes, one by one, without hurry. The goal is to raise the desire of your partner, by fixing it right in the eyes. So both perform each movement slowly and lasciviously.

Before you start, practice several times alone in front of a mirror and the day come, create in your room a rather naughty atmosphere by lighting candles, a discreet lighting and a sensual music that leaves no doubt to the imagination.

Your outfit must be suggestive and sexy, but on pain of triggering a laugh, we do not recommend the disguise of schoolgirl or more suggestive, the nurse! Below, opt for a coordinated set of lingerie fine with matching accessories: stockings, garter belt, corset and of course the inevitable string to be sure of your effect (grans-mother panties being prohibited).

Treat your choreography, the chair being the essential object for the striptease. Multiply the postures around this chair and play with your partner.
Our advice :
To create the desire of your partner and to rekindle the flame in the coupleIt's all about being on top of the night, so get shaved, give your skin a satin veil with scented oils, and sexy makeup to excite your pet's senses.

"Stripper Dance - Pro Exotic Dance Routines" Trailer :: Lady M instant video / DVD (May 2020)