July 12, 2024

See you again after the first night: instructions for use

"We keep in touch" !
That's what he told you before spinning in the early morning ... Yes, but what does it mean? Him ? You?
A real instrument of psychological torture this "we call"! This ambiguous phrase always leaves you in the total uncertainty about what to do "after" ...

You first tried to reassure yourself by saying that it would necessarily call the first. Obviously, he will take things in hand. It's him, the boy after all ...
But 24h, 36h, 48h have passed since your hot night and NOTHING. Not a call, not an SMS, not a message on Facebook. Not even a little "poke". No nothing. Radio silence.
Start by telling yourself that it is not worse that he did not give any news quickly. As a general rule, it is better to let a few days pass before seeing the boy again for the first night. Time allows you to come down to earth and not be blinded by the euphoria of the first date.
But beware ! If after a week you still have no news, worry and react! Is he really single ? Is he serious, or shy?

Are you afraid that he will take you for a pot of glue or that he puts you in the category of "the blue flower girl who attaches too fast"?
Well, whatever! Call him anyway. The suspense, it's five minutes ... especially this one, it is frankly not very exciting! Unless you are masochistic.

If he answers, stay calm. Ask him very kindly how he is doing and do not blame him especially for his silence (he could steer). If he wants to see you again, it will naturally occur in the conversation. If it's a sickly shy or a slack, offer him to go for a drink, see an exhibition, go for a stroll at the carnival ... In short, find a nice little pretext and if he says yes, bingo!
If he is lukewarm, expeditious, says that he will call you back later (without doing so), you make the hit of the tunnel (because he does not hear you on his cell phone), forget about it. He is not very interested in seeing you again and you risk fighting for nothing ... Go your way.
Another case: you fall all the time on his answering machine and he never calls back, despite your messages.
As it is very unlikely that he died or left to recharge in an ashram in India, you will have to face the facts: he does not want to see you again but does not have the courage to tell you. Zap it! You have lost enough time like that.
If however you have won a second appointment, read on ....
How to proceed in practice?
For your second date, do not play the vamps! During your first night, everything was allowed: it was to make him crazy about you. Now that it is done (a priori) useless to make tons.

This new meet must allow your potential Jules to know you better. So dress up as usual but accent your side sexy. Put a nice neckline or adorn your lips with a sublime red femme fatale. And stop. Not too much need. He should remain in love
On the discussion side, be yourself. Do not lie about your job or your passions to go in his direction or impress him. He would sooner or later see the deception. And then, it would be too bad to start your relationship on false grounds ... What good? If he does not love you as you are, let him go! No hard feelings Nobody is safe from a casting error, after all.
If it's THE good one, you will know it quickly enough and it too ... Everything will be simple and obvious between you. And for the next meetings, do not worry: there will be many more!

How to Make Him Want You For More Than 1 Night (Matthew Hussey, Get The Guy) (July 2024)