October 5, 2022

Selection of 10 biographies and essays for 60 years of Gandhi's death

Many books, biographies and essays, come out in bookstores, in memory of the apostle of non-violence.
The authors of these opus, from Jacques Attali to Radu Stoenescu, endeavored to decipher and analyze the thought and commitment of Gandhi.

Selection of Gandhi books


- Radu Stoenescu, Gandhi, the voluntary exile
Release: March 2007
Radu Stoenescu analyzes the thought of Gandhi, its commitments.
Biography - Magellan & Cie
15 euros

- Gandhi, Nonviolent resistance
Release: March 2007
Buchet Chastel publishes a collection of 200 articles written by Gandhi between 1920 and 1946.
Document - Buchet Chastel
25 euros

- Mahatma Gandhi, Peace: inspirations and words of the Mahatma Gandhi (Pr. Desmond Tutu)
Release: May 2007
Biography of the "Father of the Indian Nation"
EUR 16.50

- Christophe Bouillet, Gandhi, 1869-1948: journey of an ordinary citizen
Released: September 2007
The author traces the life of Gandhi until his assassination on January 30, 1948 by a Hindu extremist.
Biography - Librio
2 euros

- Irene Frain, Gandhi, freedom in the market
Release: October 2007
Irene Frain paints a portrait of the father of modern India.
Biography - Timée Editions
25 euros

- Jacques Attali, Gandhi or the awakening of the humiliated
Release: October 2007
Jacques Attali describes life Gandhi through his commitment to peace and his journey.
Biography - Fayard
23 euros

- José Frèches, Gandhi 1.I am a soldier of peace, Biography
Gandhi 2. And India will be free! Biography

Release: November 2007
Biography of Gandhi from his birth to his return to India and his assassination.
Biography - XO
EUR 19.90

- Catherine Clement, Gandhi, athlete of freedom
Release: January 2008
Gandhi, liberator of India, was one of the first apostles of nonviolence in the world.
Biography - Gallimard
13.50 euros

Youth Books

- Elisabeth de Lambilly, Gandhi : his life, his fights, his words
Release: 2007
The author recounts the commitment of Gandhi with the poorest and his fight against injustice.
Bayard Youth (over 12 years old)
€ 11.90

- Philippe Godard, Gandhi and India: a dream of unity and fraternity
Released: September 2007
The author presents the speech of Gandhi pronounced in 1942 for the independence of India.
Syros Youth
10 euros

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