August 16, 2022

Selection of December books

The choice of writing among the books published from December 10 to 23, 2007: Lanfeust of the Stars, T.7, The Secret of the Dolphins from Arleston and Tarquin, 100 pics by Sabine Weiss for the freedom of the press, The Dog of Baskerville Arthur Conan Doyle, Young GTO, volume 22 from Tôru Fujisawa, The beautiful villains of the cinema from Jean-Pierre Althaus, Konrad Adenauer of Sylvie Guillaume, May light of Juan Gelman and Pascal: natural knowledge in the study of man Vincent Carraud.

Arleston, Tarquin, Lanfeust of Stars, T.7, The Secret of Dolphins
Release: December 12
Glin, the son of Lanfeust and Cixi was kidnapped by the dangerous pirate Thanos. The valiant team of stars then goes in search of it and is ready to face a thousand dangers. Between worrisome swamps, blood-sucking creatures and primitive batrachids, Lanfeust, Cixi, Hébus, Swiip and Quam are not at the end of their sentence. After the adventures of Lanfeust in his quest for the fabulous ivory of the Magohamot, Christophe Arleston and Didier Tarquin take their heroes to space. Lanfeust of the stars is a derived series of Lanfeust of Troy. A new series entitled Lanfeust Quest also starts in December.
BD - Sun
€ 12.90

Reporters Without Borders, 100 photos of Sabine Weiss for freedom of the press
Release: December 10
On the occasion of World Human Rights Day, on December 10, Reporters Without Borders will publish a new photo album. As for each book, all the benefits are reserved for the association to enable it to carry out actions in favor of the freedom of the press such as assistance to journalists and their families as well as media in difficulty. Three books appear per year. The last one was made from pics Yann Arthus-Bertrand. In this book, photographer Sabine Weiss offered "of the pics children and street scenes from here and elsewhere".
Document - Reporters Without Borders
9.90 euros.

Arthur Conan Doyle, The Baskerville Dog
Release: December 12
The Dog of Baskerville is often considered the best and best known of the adventures of Sherlock Holmes and its popularity has been accentuated with cinematic adaptation. The first extract of the novel was published for the first time in the Strand Magazine in August 1901. In France, it's the daily The weather who publishes the first, in 1902, The Dog of Baskerville. Conan Doyle tells the story tells the legend of the ghost dog that haunts the Baskerville family for generations. Sherlock Holmes is responsible for solving the mysterious death of a member of this family.
Roman - The Youth Pocketbook
5.50 euros

Fujisawa Tôru, Young GTO, Volume 22
Release: December 12
The series has 31 volumes in total. The story follows Bad Company and precedes GTO, from the same author. This 22nd volume of the adventures of Eikichi Onizuka and Ryuji Danma promises the two heroes adventures always as eventful, punctuated by a fight with rival gangs. This manga tells the youth of who will become the Great Teacher Onizuka, an atypical teacher in a high school where thugs make the law. No time in this series full of humor, but also love because the two heroes are great sentimental.
Manga - Pika
6,95 euros

Jean-Pierre Althaus, The beautiful villains of the cinema
Release: December 13
The cinema is full of beautiful villains and Jean-Pierra Althaus presents them in this book. He questions the reasons why filmmakers turned a lot of dream actresses into ferocious creatures. Is it because the majority of writers and writers of these works are men? The reader will find in this anthology more than a hundred actresses, big Hollywood stars, young European actresses, past and present. An analysis of the cinema by a drama expert, highlighting the roles of seductive manipulators.
Document - Ed. Favre
25 euros

Sylvie Guillaume, Konrad Adenauer
Release: December 15
Konrad Adenauer is considered one of the founding fathers of Europe. This biography traces from 1876 to 1967 the life of the German statesman. He will be Chancellor of the FRG from 1949 to 1963. Under his governance, the country will found with France the ECSC, then the EEC. Adenauer was in favor of a strong Germany to promote reunification.The author is a professor of history at Bordeaux 3 University and at the Institut Universitaire de France, a specialist in contemporary history. She led the writing of the book Thinking and building Europe from 1919 to 1992 published by the same publisher.
Biography - Ellipses
28 euros

Juan Gelman, May Light
Release: December 20th
Juan Gelman is an Argentinian poet who obtained the Premio Nacional de Literatura in 1997 and the Juan Rulfo Prize in 2000. A multifaceted creator, he also composes prose poems. He also wrote a play The junta luz in 1982, two operas and many articles. His themes are love, revolution, autumn, death and childhood. Memory is another of his favorite themes. He experienced political exile in Europe for many years. He writes a deeply humanistic and generous poetry. His last collection País que fue sera in 2004 shows a new hope in Argentina.
Poetry - The Time of Cherries
20 euros

Vincent Carraud, Pascal: natural knowledge to the study of man
Release: December 20th
Pascal has claimed the abandonment of the study of science for the benefit of that of man. The author wonders about this formula and what Pascal meant by the study of man. He returns to the anthropology of man according to Pascal. Vincent Carraud, a graduate of the École normale supérieure, is a professor of the history of modern philosophy at the University of Caen and heads the research team Identity and Subjectivity. He has already written many books, one of which Pascal and philosophy published in 1992.
History of philosophy - Vrin
28 euros