December 1, 2021

Selena Gomez and her Metallic Look in Los Angeles

Since Selena Gomez has partially freed herself from her "Disney actress" label, many things have changed in her life. Certainly, in the eyes of many Americans, she remains the little Alex Russo of the "Wizards of Waverly Place" with a baby face and multiple talents and aspirations. But there are areas in which Selena Gomez has grown well. Those of fashion and beauty in particular. The actress is young and sexy and she knows it. She therefore does not hesitate to display its forms on the red carpet and especially she is more hesitant to follow the latest trends make-up.

So, for the premiere in Los Angeles of his latest movie "Getaway", Selena Gomez had opted for a beauty look whose main asset was a very successful metallic look. A very trendy look, what's more, when we know that the metal is back in the makeup kits in the fall. The young woman had therefore opted for a smoky metallic gray well stretched towards the outer corner of the eye by going up towards the end of the eyebrows to highlight her almond eyes. For the choice of the color, the actress had bet on the make-up with the key metal par excellence: the gray. In a mid-anthracite, half-silver range, this eye shadow was stretched over the entire eyelid (and lower eyelid) with a little more emphasis on the outer corner of the eye to intensify the color. A fine line of eyeliner applied to the lashes and a thick layer of black mascara further emphasized the look of Selena Gomez. In addition, a silver and iridescent makeup was placed on the fixed eyelid and worked from the inner corner of the eye for more radiance and light. A hypnotic look and pile in the beauty trends of the comeback.

As for the rest, Selena Gomez had decided to stay natural. His hair had been brought back into one ponytail curved high with a few locks escaping for a more "wild" effect. As for the complexion and the mouth, nude, nude, nude. The actress had a resplendent look on clean skin and had dressed her lips with a lipstick rosé and brilliant.

A chic, sophisticated evening look that perfectly highlighted the beauty of the young woman. Nothing to say, Selena Gomez is sublime!

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