July 12, 2024

Serge Gainsbourg: the box set of his 100 most beautiful songs

Lilas Puncher, Prévert's Song, Javanese, Couleur café, Bonnie & Clyde (duet with BB), Initials B.B., Ballade by Melody Nelson ... The 100 most beautiful titles of Serge Gainsbourg are finally available in a box. A good Christmas gift idea for fans of this great artist who died in March 1991. He would have turned 80 on April 2, 2008.

The box "The 100 most beautiful songs" contains 5 CDs, presented in a beautiful metal box, accompanied by a booklet of 32 pages.

Musically, throughout his career,Serge Gainsbourg multiplies collaborations. From Alain Goraguer, in his debut, to Billy Rush for his last two opuses through Jean-Claude Vannier or Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare, he continues to redefine his musical universe.

His sensitivity and his many talents allow him to capture the trends of the society he observes, lucid and without hypocrisy. He embodies a modern artist who plays conventions and is totally involved in his work, making his own image an artistic medium. If we have sometimes decried his provocations, the public has always followed, over the years and it is not about to stop ...

Listen to or listen to these classics of the French song, from Sea, sex & sun to God smoking Havana (in duet with Catherine Deneuve), through You're under arrest, To the children of luck, My legionnaire ...

The 100 most beautiful songs, Mercury, 29.99?

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