June 9, 2023

Serpent Chinese Horoscope 2011 - Element

Chinese Horoscope 2011: the element for the sign of the Serpent


Wood Snake : Everything indicates an advancement or the realization of projects. A material or financial problem can easily be solved in April. On the emotional level, minor problems or constraints are possible. You will be in the mood for all your whims, which can destabilize your budget. At work, do not give in to pride.

Fire Serpent : Some slowing down of vital functions in early spring; make a cure of complete vitamins or calcium. Risks of conflict of authority with your spouse; be flexible It will be reasonable in your expenses not to have cold sweats thereafter. Give your children more time, otherwise they will do stupid things.

Earth snake : In work, you will be able to achieve the goals you have set for yourself. Do not be mowed by indelicate friends: well-ordered charity begins with oneself! Use your free time to move, explore what is unknown to you, learn what you do not know. Some health problems due to fatigue from May to July.

Metal Snake You will have enough motivation and strength to accomplish the most difficult tasks. Flee these relationships that are just wasting time. Your romantic relationships will be particularly sweet; treasures of sensuality will awaken in you. Very cheerful atmosphere in the home. Risks of small skin irritations around July.

Water Snake : Your prestige will be up. You will have great ideas, that it would be a shame not to implement them to improve the quality of your life. Be extremely careful in your expenses, do not contract debts. Singles will have the good fortune to meet the soul mate. The respiratory tract should be spared.


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