June 9, 2023

Serum: what's the point?

A serum is a fluid stuffed with active ingredients that is difficult to contain in a cream. The cream has a barrier function: it protects against external aggressions and prevents the skin from losing its hydration. The serum is absorbed very quickly by the skin, makes it react and stimulates the proper functioning of the cells.

How to put the serum ? The serum is put in the evening before the cream by night. While you sleep, cell regeneration is optimal and your serum can doubly "work".

A serum for what? At 20, a serum is useful in case of dehydration of the skin (sunburn, air conditioning, wind ...). At age 30, you will choose a serum anti-wrinkle and moisturizer. It will serve to preserve the brightness of your complexion. At age 40, you will opt for a serum which targets both pigmentary disorders and loss of elasticity. At age 50, the serum will be used to deeply reshape expression lines.

A serum in solo use is effective on oily skin. As it does not protect against external aggressions, it is important to use it when you go to sleep.
Our advice
It is useful to put the price to have a good serum. Retail brands have not yet democratized this product. The great specialists of the serum beauty are Clarins, Estée Lauder and Vichy.

Why you need to start using SERUM! Clear Skin Secrets (June 2023)