May 30, 2020

Sex and the city & co: the well-worn movies of the summer

In the coming weeks, fashionistas and other shopaholics will be lining up ... in front of movie theaters. To put your eyes on it, shopaholics will be able to afford a window shopping session on the big screen!

Opening of the fashion festival, Sex and the city (June 2nd on the screens). With the Cannes Film Festival, this is the other fashion cinema event of the season. Worn by a Sarah Jessica Parker in one of all fashion magazines for weeks, the film plays the glamorous card to attract women in theaters.

Another highly anticipated film by fashionistas: The Killer inside me with Kate Hudson and Jessica Alba. In full retro nostalgic wave initiated by the cult series Mad Men, the two actresses revisit the 50's style: tulip skirt and carmine lipstick, the film promises as much by its plot of dark film than by its style.

To come also Cameron Diaz in spy lookée in Knight & Day and Julia Roberts, back to the big screen in Eat, Pray, Love...

With these 4 films to put in the tooth, we say that the paradise of fashionists is happening on the big screen!

Sex and the City 2 (May 2020)