June 25, 2022

Sex and the city: in the dressing room of Sarah Jessica Parker!

At GirlsFromMainStreet.com, we all (and all) were bottle-fed Sex and the city. Manolo (Blahnik), Jimmy (Choo), Christian (Louboutin), Karl (Lagerfeld), we would almost call them by their small name as fashion brands have marked our imagination via the cult series!

So as we approach the release in France of Sex and the city 2, the editorial department took out the big artillery to investigate backstage dressing room Sex and the city and to reveal to you in preview, the wings of the dressing room of Sarah Jessica Parker

At the helm of the styling of Sex and the cityPatricia Field is the director of the series and the first film. It is to her that Sarah Jessica Parker owes its status as fashion guru!

Revelation 1: the movie poster

For the movie poster Sex and the cityPlaced on the facade of buildings in the United States, the production has chosen to highlight a Pucci dress. Sequins, rhinestones and glamor, the tone is given for the second part of the saga of the most famous fashionista!

Revelation 2: a retro look

In the first shooting photos that we could see, Sarah Jessica Parker has the look to dance at studio 54. Among the brands present in the caravan dedicated to the dressing of the film, we find in particular dresses signed Halstom ... darling brand of socialite of the east coast in the 70s and who has recently hiring Sarah Jessica Parker as a stylist. QED.

Revelation 3: Printed as if it were raining

Vivienne Westwood, Dries van noten, Marc Jacobs, Marni ... Patricia Field, the stylist of the film has a big weakness for printed! And she does not deprive herself to use and abuse her little cute sin!

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