September 19, 2020

Sex and the city: Sarah Jessica Parker's shoes snapped up!

More than a movie, Sex and the city is a real catalog of luxury fashion: Chanel, Louboutin, Dior and so on, actresses film have made on this shoot the fantasy of many shopaholics: wear expensive outfits ... without paying a dime!

It must be said that in the eyes of the stylist Patricia Field, nothing is too good to dress Sarah Jessica Parker and her girlfriends ... Symbol of this sartorial frenzy, the shoes of Sarah Jessica Parker on the movie poster.

Originally these sandals Vivienne Westwood of the 2009 collection were not for sale but in view of the buzz and the demands of the brand's customers, Vivienne Westwood decided to offer them for sale at the price of 600? .... A little crazy so that is certainly not within the reach of all budgets but should be torn off given the delirium fashion that surrounds the output of the movie!

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