September 19, 2020

Sex, everything you've never dared: sex toys

The toysthere is something for everyone and for everyone. Some are particularly realistic, while others have a high-tech design and sport flashy colors. Still others are downright glamorous and look like a tube of lipstick, slipping into your purse, not seen or known.

Why do not you dare?

Make love with a plastic object, yuck! That's what you think. However, the use of these toys for adults has a double interest. The toys allow you to reconcile with your body and get to know you better. They are not reserved exclusively for small pleasures alone in a bath or in bed. Indeed, some are specially designed for the pleasure of both partners.

In addition, be aware that all toys are not vaginal stimulators. Some toys focus only on the clitoris even if others play simultaneously on these two areas for maximum pleasure.

To be uninhibited about such a purchase, take a look at the most famous mail order sites. You will see that all offer these sexy ducks or naughty toys. Finally, do not forget that in "sextoy" is the word "toy", toy. These objects are primarily there to allow you to play with your partner and to break the routine.

If you do not like anything that works with batteries and blinks, you can also use edible massage powders or massage gels that play on the hot-cold to tickle the senses of your lover.

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