October 1, 2020

Sex Friends, the opinion of the shrink

How would you describe a relationship between "sex friends"?
These are friends who have sexwithout feelings of love and expect nothing from each other. Two people who, most of the time, have suffered from a past relationship and do not want to relive their suffering.

So we choose a sex friend to no longer suffer?
The sex friend responds more to the need to protect himself, even if those who choose a sex friend seem to put forward the search for their pleasure above all else. In reality, it is often a choice dictated by loneliness and the fear of suffering.

Is it men or women who are the most adept of the sex friend?
More and more women are looking for this style of relationship. Many divorced women tell me that they are looking for a simple relationship with no real attachment and that's why they chose a sex friend. Especially women who have positions of responsibility, children and who do not have time to meet. You must know that there is no age to have a sex friend. It is also often a style of relationship chosen by mature women ..

Are there rules to follow for a successful relationship between "sex friends"?
The relationship must be short-lived. Then, the two people must be on an equal footing, that they have the same expectations. The relationship needs to stay balanced and everyone gets their money's worth. As soon as one of them begins to feel in love, you have to talk about it. It is essential in this kind of relationship to always remain sincere and not to play a game.

Exactly, what happens when one of them falls in love?
If both feel the same, the story can take another dimension and turn into a romantic relationship. If only one of them feels feelings it is better to stop everything before spoiling their friendship. Unfortunately, it is rare to save a friendship after falling in love with your friend.

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