July 12, 2024

Sex Friends, they had a sex friend, testimonials

It goes.

Julie, age 41
"I have always been disappointed by men, so I do not really believe in love, fidelity, so I decided to have fun. On the other hand the secret for that to work is to take several sex friends, like that, I'm sure I do not attach too much.

Aurore, 36 years old
"With Augustin, a high school friend, we decided during the summer holidays to become sex friends. We immediately set rules: no attachment, no exclusivity! But after a year, I became pregnant. I asked myself the question of keeping the child. We talked about it together and we understood that we had feelings for each other, we were just afraid to talk about it. Today my sex friend has become my husband, we have a little girl and I am very happy. "

Véronique, 49 years old
"I have three children, I'm divorced and I do not want to share my life with another man anymore. So having a sex friend is the ideal solution, no commitment, no stress, only fun! "

It breaks.

Lise, 34 years old
"I was working all the time, I did not have time to meet men and I was clearly lacking sex. One day, we made a bet with my best friend. If I lost, I had to sleep with him. We slept together that night, the same the week after. It was a game, it lasted two years. And one day, like that, he told me that he had found another woman he was lover. I suffered a lot because I was attached to him.

Camille, 32 years old
"One evening, flattened by my guy, I went in tears to my best friend. We spent the night together and there was a real sexual symbiosis. We decided to see each other only for sex, we were hiding from our group of friends, it was great! After three months, he asked me if we could formalize our relationship, I was scared and I preferred to stop everything. I re-crossed it a year later, I regretted my decision, if it was again, I wanted to live a beautiful love story with him.

Mylène, 41 years old
"To have a sex friend, what a mistake. I slept several times with one of my best friends. Unfortunately, it totally changed our relationship. We lost our complicity, and with hindsight it was not worth it! "