April 10, 2021

Sex less attractive ... than social networks!

Since their appearance on the web, Facebook and Twitter are gaining popularity. While the network created by Mark Zuckerberg a few days ago crossed the bar of a billion users of assets, a new study confirms the irresistible appeal of social networks on the Internet.


Published Friday and included by the Los Angeles Times and theAFP, this study conducted in Germany by researchers at the University of Chicago says that in the face of social networks, sex would lose ground. As specified byAFP, to consult Facebook and Twitter and post snapshots would now attract many more internet users than the sex or the cigarette. Questioned by the Los Angeles Times Friday, Wilhem Hofmann, one of the authors of the study said: "It is certainly harder to resist the desire for these media because they are very widely accessible and also because it does not cost much engage in these activities, even if one tries to resist. "


Conducted for one week among volunteers aged 18 to 85, this study once again confirms the pervasiveness of social networks on the web and the addiction they cause to the population. The volunteers, in permanent contact with the researchers via their smartphones, had to inform the team of the University of Chicago as soon as a need to consult a social network, to smoke, to have sex or to drink was felt. Researchers were able to determine that volunteers had a much harder time resisting the call of work, Facebook or Twitter than other temptations.

Science of Sex Appeal: What Women Find Attractive (April 2021)