April 20, 2024

Sexting: practice with caution

For a few months or even years, sexting is very fashionable, especially among young people. Naughty messages, naked pictures, provocative or suggestive videos: mobile phones are no longer so innocent ...
Attention danger : infidelity manual
This phenomenon appeared at a time when sex is practiced freely, claims, is placed everywhere. Teenagers have followed the trend and many are now playing this dangerous game. Some of them admit to feeling some pressure. Alice confides to us: "If I do not do it, I will pass for a prude, a romantic girl who knows nothing about life".
The excesses are numerous: some confidential messages are disclosed, photos circulate from laptop to laptop, not to mention the videos that are exchanged in the playground. Once the reputation of "easy girl" made, difficult to get rid of ...
"Some girls regret playing the game, but it's already too late. Everyone knows what they did, impossible to erase the evidence. Alice was lucky enough to find an honest boyfriend who did not try to hurt her. But the next? "I'll make sure I can really trust him before I let go! "
You have a message
Receive sweet words and, it must be said, a bit naughty in the middle of the day: most women have nothing against! Nathalie confirms: "There is first the effect of surprise, then the small dose of adrenaline and desire that makes the day progress faster ... until the evening when we can get down to business ! "
The golden rule: avoid at all costs falling into vulgarity. "We must seek to awaken the senses of the other gently, without going too fast, to raise the desire little by little. No need to be a great poet or an illustrious author of erotic books: simple words can be very effective as long as they are used with tact and subtlety. "
Nathalie and her husband have been practicing sexting for years. "To unveil fantasies in writing, it's easier. At first, we exchanged just a few words, not necessarily naughty, except when it skidded. Then, we gradually released, we confessed all our desires, we provoked, titillated by texting. Our sex life has made such a leap that since then, impossible to do without ... "
Sexting and romance are not necessarily incompatible! Sending messages or erotic pictures allows you to express your love, your desire and spice up your daily life. Far from being unhealthy in this situation, sexting can strengthen a couple. As proof: it is sometimes advised by sexologists to maintain the flame and regain a fulfilling sex life.

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