May 13, 2021

Sexual Breakdowns: Do's and Don'ts

To do :
Confer ... on the right tone: If Monsieur does you the blow of the breakdown under the quilt, know first of all that this is not exceptional and that more French in three, according to a survey Lily / FIFO has already experienced (41% ). So do not act as if nothing had happened, because he would feel it as a form of contempt or pity. Also avoid humor, even veiled, on his manhood "a little soft " or on the fact that "you have known him more firmly in these decisions than today ". Be attentive to what he feels and can express (or not to express, besides, boys are often adept at being silent about what makes them sad). Explain that you love him and you still want him. Ask him if he feels stressed, tired or anxious and why ...

To take devious ways : It's not because your member is not at full attention that your darling is no longer capable of anything sexually. So ask for other types of hugs or caressestype cunnilingus or clitoral stimulation, which will have the double advantage of driving you to orgasm and to increase his excitement ... maybe even to make him regain a level oferection satisfactory.
To consult : If the problem becomes recurrent and parasitic your sexual relations, it may be necessary to consult alone, if he prefers; or two. The sexologist may be a privileged interlocutor, but he can turn to a therapist if he believes that his breakdowns have a psychological origin (depression can cause this type of dysfunction). Performing a complete medical check-up may also be useful as some diseases and / or medications may have a negative impact on your health.erection.
To avoid :
To get upset or to get upset : Absence oferection does not mean absence of libidono momentum towards you. So do not let him jump in his throat when it happens, style "You do not love me anymore, are you? " and others "I think you're cheating on me... "You are surely very far from the truth and may lead to it becoming more self-contained, while it already has a hard time being affected by this type of failure.

Play the highest bid on seduction: In the same way, keep yourself from thinking that if he does not band, it's because he thinks you are ugly, fat or thinks you have the sex appeal of a clam. Change radically look overnight, lose ten pounds in one month, unsheath a lingerie and waders femme fatale will not necessarily return to gallop its erection. On the contrary, it may disturb your man, who will not recognize you necessarily in this new character that you are created.

Make sexual forcing : Finally avoid making crates every time you find yourself in bed with him. No shock treatment inflicted on his penis, extended blowjob style and caresses (too much) supported, hoping to restart the machine. The more you go, the less it will work. Opt instead for a patience -câline-. On the other hand, we should not try to avoid any "erotic" contact, even if it is because you want to preserve your pride. Keep the complicity carnal but learn temporarily to enjoy otherwise ...

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