August 14, 2022

Sexuality, love, celibacy ... books to talk about it

"Little Larousse of sexuality?
If in terms of sexuality the press is not stingy with descriptions, we really know all the below. The objective of the "Petit Larousse de la sexuality », Of nearly a thousand pages, is thus to make us better understand" the things of the sex ". Under the direction of Dr. Sylvain Mimoun, gynecologist and psychosomatician, big names in sexology, medicine, psychology ... participated in the development of this very comprehensive Larousse. A real mine of information.
Editions Larousse - 19, 90?

"Sexxxy party"

This book, somewhat "hot", is primarily an erotic manual, illustrated with many photos ... explicit! Aimed especially at women, it offers to make them discover all the desires and the most secret fantasies of men, to become the queens of preliminaries, caresses, the most exciting positions, in short to become the ideal partners! No keep in all hands !
From Anne Hooper
Out of Collection Editions - 18?

"Dating Guide"

Lighter, this book offers everyone the opportunity to discover each other and oneself, thanks to psychology and astrology. For authors, there are 7 types of personalities. It's up to you to discover yours and your lover's and analyze whether or not it can stick between you. Very didactic, this book reads easily.
From Joëlle Soulier, psychologist and Christian Barbarroux, astrologer
Editions Medicis - 19,50?
"The single person"
Life sometimes reserves surprises not always very pleasant. Tessa King, the heroine of this novel will make the terrible experience. Aged 36, single and happy to be, her life is mainly shopping and adventures of a night. Until the day when the parents of twins, whom she is very close to, will kill themselves in a car accident. She finds herself a full-time mom. A radical change in life that she will have to learn to manage. The author describes us with humor and tenderness, this new existence that she did not choose.
From Carrie Adams
Editions Calmann-Lévy - 19.90?

"Why do women scare men?"

But what do the people really think men women ? The authors, journalists in the women's press, therefore questioned the men about women, the life of two, the daily and we share the results of this survey. We learn in particular that many say they are destabilized by the expectation of women ever greater towards them: good lover, good father, humor, bank account well stocked ... Women want everything.
Hence the envy of the authors, through this bookto say that it is time to try to give a relationship a better chance.
From Laurence Dorlhac and Virginie Urbini
Editions Calmann-Lévy

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