April 1, 2020

Shakira hypnotizes her fans on the Champs Elysees

Crowd on the Champs Elysees, Wednesday afternoon, around 17:30. Hundreds of people were indeed gathered around metal barriers placed at the entrance of the store Sephora. Cameras and smartphones in hand, they tried to take, somehow, some photos of a star of the song. And not least. The bomba latina, Shakira. The singer had come to present her two perfumes "S by Shakira"and" S by Shakira "Eau Florale", two ultra sensual and feminine fragrances.A signing session was then organized in the store, to allow the crowd to meet the pretty blonde.
Shortly before, the young mother had also shared a special moment with her fans, in the suite of her hotel in Paris. An exceptional event for all the admirers of the performer of "Whenever, Wherever", who left, stars in the eyes.

The perfumes signed Shakira
The two fragrances of the pretty Shakira are already available on the website of Sephora. The first, named "S by Shakira", is a sensual, heady and magnetic essence, loaded with jasmine, sandalwood and vanilla.The second," S by Shakira Floral Water "is a delicate and feminine water, which the singer sums up as follows:" I wanted to find a way to express happiness in a pure state through a perfume".

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