May 28, 2024

Shoes trend: the stuffed feet, you'll go out!

The very classy-classic tone of our winter had marked the comeback of the fur coat, this chicissime standard. But the option boots in fur Chanel and D & G reminded us more of luxury moon boots, or even yeti, than Catherine Deneuve's perfect dressing. We will forget this trend, except for those who want to play it in winter sports.
Other fur details on shoes have however caught our attention, carried out with brilliance and elegance. 2010 version, there are two types of fur: mink on pumps or boots at Yves Saint Laurent, Dior, Lanvin, or Celine, or in shearling (the hot option for chilly) at Hogan, Kenzo or Paul & Joe.
Two styles emerge: a valuable option, where shoes are luxury items and a more affordable and convenient option for a warm winter.
Our prescription:
For all those that the fur coat scares, the stuffed shoes are perfect to get a small fashion detail in the trend ... And for those who dream of fur from head to toe, here you are served!

Our shopping:
Furry boots Topshop, about 70? sure
Filled winter boots UGG, 264? on
Furry suede loafers Topshop, 30? sure

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