June 5, 2020

Shopping sport fashion: anti-sports

You hate the sport. It can be said, you are almost allergic. If you could, you would not even do it. But since you have to go through these torture sessions to keep the line, you force yourself. However, you do not want to have equipment specifically reserved for this activity. Your budget clothes, you prefer to use it otherwise. What you need are clothes adapted to sport (technical and comfortable) but not too marked " gym In order to be able to be worn everyday too.

- The marine clothing is one of the fashion trends of the season. We can therefore wear without problem this blue striped top for the sport or everyday. Hooded Sailing Top, Sailing Collection, Puma, 40?.

- With her knot and notch that lets guess the skin, for sure we will not keep this sexy t-shirt only for our lessons sport. Women's Tee Shirt, Adidas Style Essentials, Adidas, 15.99?.

- A cotton cropped trousers inspired Thai pants ideal to make gym. With his little knot at the waist, he can not blush us also dress in the office. Cropped trousers, Domyos, 24,90? Exclusively at Decathlon. www.decathlon.fr

- For our sessions sport, we offer mini works of art with these sneakers illustrated with one of the adorable characters of the urban artist Fafi. They are so fashion that we will not hesitate to wear them in everyday life. Stan Smith Fafi Leather Basket, Adidas Originals Collection, Adidas, 90?

Fashion Sport Running Shoes For Men (June 2020)