August 15, 2022

Shopping survey: when women wander, men go straight to the point

Ah, women and shopping ... It's all a ritual. They have small habits that they have trouble changing. On the occasion of the revival of the shopping center, Les Passages in Boulogne-Billancourt, Klepierre, owner and manager of the center reveals some interesting figures on the shopping behavior of these young ladies.

We can see that, unlike men, they wander more in department store aisles than their husbands (1003 people aged 18 and over were interviewed by Opinion Way). Indeed, 68% of men and only 46% of women go straight to the point when they go shopping. And while 61% of women associate shopping with the notion of pleasure, 49% of men only share their opinion. We understand better now why these gentlemen are happy to let their wife do alone shopping!

It should be noted, in passing, that women attach great importance to "welcoming toilets" for 83% of them and "to rest and relaxation areas" in 65% of cases. They do not care, however, totally to have access to a wi-fi (only 8% of them attach importance).

56% of respondents say they also do their shopping accompanied: 34% with their spouse, 14% with family, 8% between friends. Gentlemen, be warned. Your Christmas shopping may extend over time ...

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