July 3, 2020

Shopping: We want glamorous soles!

There are women who have good ideas. Take Claire Vidal for example: forced to parade in heels all day long in his old job, she decided to start his small business soles. But chic insoles please and whose use comes to add to our fashion tips preferred.

Claire imagined very technical pads to soothe the forefoot and heel, the most sensitive parts to stilettos jogging. And, thanks to the experts, she has managed to give birth to very elegant leather soles, all soft, which are available in all a bunch of colors and prints to marry at best with your pairs of shoes preferred. And, last but not least, they come in full soles or open toe to slip into open-toed shoes and ballerinas!

We say bravo, and thank you! Finally, there is a fashion accessory that makes the saying go wrong that you have to suffer to be beautiful.



Red Carpet insoles, 29.90 euros on Redcarpet-paris.com or Galeries Lafayette

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