June 23, 2024

Sidonie, guardian of peace: the love of risk

When did you decide to become a peacekeeper?
At 21, I had already held several positions at the factory or in the restaurant business. I always felt out of step with my colleagues. I said to myself: "either I'm too old-fashioned or I'm really too respectful!" But it's true that I did not adhere to their constant leanings for rebellion, their lack of ethics. Smoking joints, degrading things to laugh ... So I thought about getting involved in the police, of course.

What was the reaction of your loved ones?
My parents were happy but they preferred to wait to see if I was going to pass the contest. As for the knowledge of my village, many called me a balance or traitor, they did not understand my choice, which was not easy.

What does your daily life look like?
I work during the night. I arrive at the police station around 21h, I take over and exchange information with those I replace. Then I go on patrol for various interventions. This ranges from roadside checks to emergency response such as suicides or fights. I prefer to work at night because it is a moment that I like, and the job is more interesting. There are fewer shoplifting or minor offenses.

Is your job different from what you expected?
During our courses and internships, we are prepared for the harshness of this profession. It is a risky job, we know and we chose it for this reason. However, discovering hanged people or people who jump under a train, we are never really ready. There is little psychological support in this profession because we take for granted that we carapace ourselves, but it is sometimes difficult. On the other hand, there is this adrenaline that makes it an exciting job, we never know the outcome of the situations we live, and that's unique. On the other hand, there are always a lot of papers to fill, you have to observe everything and write everything down. It takes a lot of time, but it's necessary.
Also, you will never find premises as nickels as in the series "Julie Lescaut", the police stations are much more gray and sad than his!

Are you able to reconcile a family life with a job so special?
My friend is also in the police, but it's a coincidence, I think he could have done any other job. At home, we avoid talking too much about job, even if sometimes it is nice to discharge an emotional charge too big. Exchanging on similar situations is an excellent outlet. As for children, I do not have one yet, but I think it's perfectly reconcilable, even with night time! Indeed, as long as we can organize with dad's schedules, I think there is no problem!

How did you experience the crisis in the suburbs?
There were many cars burned in the area of ​​my police station but no clashes. I know, however, that colleagues found it very difficult, especially being blamed by the media and being almost accused of violence while they were stoned for hours!

Is being a woman in a predominantly male job difficult?
There are sometimes delicate situations. For example, when we meet a group, it will systematically blame the one who looks the weakest. So, in the majority of cases, to me who am a woman. Some people do not speak to me when I talk to them. They answer systematically to my colleague. But well, over time, I get used to these behaviors.

Does your uniform change the way you look at yourself?
I'm mostly spotted faster! The reports that the police have with people are very ambiguous: publicly people are suspicious of us, but they are happy to have us. Ten years ago, we were very rarely called for musical noise for example. People would see their neighbor and ask him to turn down the volume. Today, no one is talking to each other anymore. Communication has become so difficult that the police are immediately solicited. In short, we know a real attraction-repulsion relationship with people, it's very strange. Nevertheless, every night when I take my service, I realize that I really like my job.

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