June 23, 2024

Sienna Miller, her beauty look at the Lancel party

Hair style: sparkling and shiny hair, Sienna Miller displays a very light blond with subtly gilded reflections. We like the falsely neglected appearance of the whole, the hair is just loose and slightly wavy. It avoids the cardboard and stiff effect that can provide perfect smoothing with a cocktail dress. A single line in the middle separates her mermaid's hair. A hairstyle without frills that can be easily reproduced daily and is easily worn during the day.

Makeup side: Sienna Miller the soft cheek.
His dyed diaphanous is put forward thanks to a background of dyed who gets married to her skin tone. She avoids the blush that would tend to dull the whole and could give her a girly side not appropriate for this evening.
His blue eyes are highlighted with a dash ofeyeliner which gives him a feline look. The latter thickens to the extrenity of the eye which gives a lot of intensity to the whole. Finally she applied a touch of black mascara to enlarge her eyes!
The lips are discreetly pink and dull. These details make it all the more worthwhile dyed of porcelain.

Advice: we do not hesitate to copy the beauty look of Sienna Miller which is simple and glamorous.

Summertime style : The Ella bag by Lancel | VOGUE PARIS (June 2024)