June 23, 2021

Single mothers: how to do without dad?

Even if Dad is no longer there, it's useless to create an idyllic image of the father, under the pretext of filling an emotional lack. Your child can quite know the faults of his father, his qualities, what he loved, what he did not like ....

All these little things that he may find one day in front of his own reflection in the mirror! In talking about it, answering your child's questions with sincerity is the basis for teaching him to live well without his father.

Likewise, try to socialize your little one as much as possible. No way to establish an exclusive partnership between you. Your child needs a social life to ensure balance when he is grown up. Even if you do not work, try for example to take your child to the nursery, give it to your parents, friends you trust and give him the opportunity to open to the world and to others.

When he gets a little bigger, you can also enroll him in a summer camp and share sports activities with other classmates of his age. A child well surrounded develops well, grows up like those of his age, with the same steps. Do not hesitate to put him in contact with other children. On the contrary !

It's the same for you, do not stay focused on your home and lift your nose! So enjoy the moments when your little one is at home with your parents to go out a little for example. You have the right to take a little time for yourself. It is even quite recommended ... For your well-being ... and that of your child. Because a happy and fulfilling mother transmits her happiness to her child.

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