March 26, 2023

Single on Valentine's Day: it's tonight or never!

The countdown is launched: at midnight you will not be alone, a few hours later, you will return accompanied, or at least with the satisfaction of having turned a few heads. Whether you are a novice or expert in seduction, the party looks good: the hearts are at the party today!

Locating places ...

The first step: find a place conducive to meetings. The evening of Valentine's Dayit's usually not complicated. We do not count anymore the evenings reserved for singles. Some are organized by major dating sites like Meetic. Little more: the entries are generally free for women. It remains to choose the formula and the place that will suit you best. Big party in a club or more soft atmosphere, more intimate, in a bar.

Note that you will have a better chance of really getting to know the chosen one of the evening if you are in a quiet place where you can communicate other than by an improvised sign language. The age range will also vary depending on where you choose. Being surrounded by thirty-somethings if you are barely older, this is not necessarily the best idea.

Last detail to settle: go there accompanied by all its clique or only of some friends (e) s. Although your loved ones are certainly very good advice and their presence reassures you, your goal is to avoid competition and distraction. To see you surrounded too much could make your suitors flee ... Privilege therefore the exit in small committee.

City outfit or evening wear?

Next step, and not least: make sure you get noticed, in other words, put you on your thirty-one. You are determined to return accompanied, and to put the odds on your side, you go out the big game. Attention, this does not mean that the mini skirt, plunging neckline and excessive makeup are de rigueur: avoid Pretty style Woman. This is also valid for its opposite: jeans and converses can remain in the closet. The hair in battle and the ponytail, book them for your next outing between girlfriends.

The mistakes of taste and the lack of effort will be quickly noticed by these gentlemen. Still be nuanced: you do not participate in a fashion show, Fashion Week is not for now. Do not hesitate to get advice from your relatives, they know you well enough to know what makes you value. And if you have a fetish outfit that has already proven itself, it's time to get out!

To attack !

The game hunting party can begin. You have just arrived and already you notice heads turning in your way, a few thumbs clumsily camouflaged. Your radar is activated, it's time to observe what's around you. Have you ever spotted a potential heart stroke? Do not lose sight of him and make him notice you. Keep in mind that nothing is played. After exchanging a glance, if he disappears or turns your back firmly, it is not to provoke you: you do not like him. Put your disappointment aside and set your sights on someone else. Go straight to the point, dare to take the first step, temerity pleases some men ...

Getting rid of your shyness includes risks. To be direct and to take the first step does not mean to throw oneself unrestrained on the object of covetousness. Make sure you do not overdo it, do not pass for the service Bridget Jones who monopolizes the conversation and chases the blunders, bet on the subtlety. Surprise him, make sure to interest him without making tons and go for a pretentious, leave a little mystery, it will be all the more inclined to prolong the conversation. The goal is to intrigue him, not to give you a show. Your ability to make him laugh, smile, hold the conversation, make him forget about the other women around you will help you reach your goal: find you a Valentine.

It's Valentine's Day Song - Merrell Twins (March 2023)