April 17, 2024

Sisley's Sunleÿa Sun Care: The Success Story

The brand
It was in 1976 that Hubert d'Ornano created Sisley. A French, family-owned and international company, the famous cosmetics brand is now sold in 80 countries on five continents and accounts for more than 80% of its turnover on export. She derives her success and notoriety of the methods of care that she has been able to implement according to each type of skin, to provide the best for the needs of each one of us.
Sunleÿa: high-end sun care
It's by creating the range of sunscreen Sunleÿa that the brand concretizes its professionalism and stands out as a reference in this area. Indeed, this range is now leading the sales of the best solar protections. These creams have the distinction of having multiple functions. Thus, in addition to protecting from the sun, most products have many other virtues!
Sunleÿa treatments are designed around three major actions: Soothing, Preventing and Repairing. "Calming" because it immediately repairs and comforts the skin that is, or has been, exposed to the sun. "Prevent" because it directly combats the signs of skin aging and protects cellular DNA. "Prepare" because it protects and prepares for future solar exposures. In short, these solar treatments promise us protection, repair and preparation. Combining plant extracts, vitamin E and Pro-vitamin B5, they will be our allies throughout the summer!
In order to achieve these results, the company Sisley uses the concept of Phyto-cosmetology which consists of using natural extracts of plants in cosmetic treatments. The various associations thus make it possible to extract and reinforce the action of each of the components in order to arrive at the best possible result.

I want them !
Great Solar cream SPF 10 face ... 133.00 euros
Sunleÿa anti-aging sun care SPF 15 ... 156.00 euros
Large sunscreen face SPF 30 ... 99.50 euros
Super sunscreen face SPF 50+ ... 108.00 euros
Super solar oil body SPF 6 ... 74.50 euros
Great Solar cream body SPF 15 ... 96.00 euros
Super fluid solar body SPF 30 ... 96.00 euros
Super after-sun care tanning extension ... 95.00 euros

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