May 29, 2023

Sisley slimming cream: your ally of the summer!

To your swimsuits!

Ladies, summer is here! So it's time to take off the swimsuit, towel, sunscreen and show off your legs! Some unsightly little curves bother you? Sisley has the answer to all your questions. No need to browse all products slimmingonly one will suffice.

Little miracle

It's spring 2011 that Sisley decides to launch a new range of slimming treatments Phyto Svelt Global. Not deviating from good habits, the brand produces a small jewel of cosmetics. expertise Sisley has allowed the meeting of several firming, soothing, revitalizing and moisturizing active ingredients. The mixture of Bigaradier flower, caffeine, Cédrol or Indian lotus leaves offers our skin a unique and effective product that responds to three main actions:
- decrease fat storage
- limit the creation of new fat cells
- fight against tissue congestion and water retention
The effects are very quickly visible, your skin becomes smoother, your figure slimmer and your legs lighter! For proof, we are not the only ones to say it since this product has won numerous international awards, in just over a year. Among them, the best care anticellulite by the Tatler Magazine (UK), the best cosmetic care 2011 category body by Voce (Japan) or the best professional care product by the magazine She (Taiwan).

How to apply it?

The application is simple, like a moisturizer. Little more, it is about massaging the parties involved. Apply twice daily to affected areas (waist, hips, thighs, buttocks and belly). On the thighs, spread lightly from the knees to the hips and deep smoothing for better circulation. On the stomach or buttocks, massage in circular motions.
The product quickly penetrates the skin, which allows to put on his jeans without waiting (or almost)!

I want it !
About 130 euros the 200 ml.

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