January 31, 2023

Six fragrances against AIDS by creators

This project is part of the Designers Against Aids association. The principle: six fashion designers have each created and developed a fragrance for the fight against AIDS. In total, sixperfumes whose spirit and scents are inspired by the theme "an experience of creativity with a conscience".

This project is called Six Scents. It is produced by Symrise, in association with Metaproject and Seven New York. A percentage of the profits will be donated to the World Education Center for Global Consciousness. AIDSwhich will open next December.
The purpose of the approach: to collaborate fashion designers and perfumers to create a perfume unpublished. Each fragrance has a number and a specific and personal packaging.

Here are the Six Scents:
1 - Urban Tropicalia by Alexandre Herchcovitch and Joachim Correll, with scents of cedar, amber, lemon, apple, apricot and jasmine among others.
2 - Wicken 3,000 by Bernhard Willhelm and Lucas Sieuzac, with bergamot, musk and jasmine water.
3 - The Spirit of Wood by Cosmic Wonder Light Source and Philippe Paparella-Paris with coriander, cypress wood, vetiver and white amber.
4 - Diagonal by Gareth Pugh and Emilie Coppermann with white pepper, black tea, musk and white amber.
5 - Illicit Sex by Jeremy Scott and Philippe Roques with bergamot, rose, cedar.
6 - Teen Spirit by Preen and Mark Buxton with hazelnut leaf, rhubarb, red pepper, rose, magnolia, musk ...

The perfumes are sold at the price of 57? piece at Colette in Paris from November 6th, limited edition of 2 000 copies.

Website: www.six-scents.com

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