May 28, 2024

Skills assessment: what's the point?

The skills assessment, what is it? 
A skills assessment is, as its name suggests, a point about his skills, abilities and knowledge. An employee can do this at a time in his life to better guide or reorient his career.

Is there an ideal time to do this? 
Several scenarios can arise. An employee who is not well in his professional life, whose work does not please him or who feels threatened at the position he or she occupies may choose to do a job skills assessment to give a new twist to his career. But the employer can also be at the origin of this step by asking his employee to make this assessment.

If the employer is a plaintiff, must one feel in danger? 
Not at all. An employer may well think of you for a promotion, a job change. The skills assessment is, for him, an effective way to ensure that you have the qualities required for the new missions he wishes to entrust to you.

On the other hand, if an employee plans to make a skills assessment, does the company have to foresee a possible departure of his employee? 
No, but the employee must present it in a diplomatic way to the human resources department, showing that this is not a way to escape the company in which one is employed, but more an approach that will allow enhance your career.

Where to go to do this?
In the case where an employee is a claimant, he can directly contact the human resources department of his company, explaining that he feels the need to breathe new life into his career. The skills assessment must be included in the credit of training hours allocated by the company to all its employees.
It is also possible to initiate this approach without going through his company, with in this case, the disadvantage of its cost, not insignificant (between 1000 and 1200 EUR for an employee according to demand), with a consulting firm .

And how to choose your consultant?
If you go it alone, the easiest way is to rely on word of mouth, recommendations and inquire with institutions such as ANPE, APEC or the Individual Training Leave Management Fund. (FONGECIF).

Concretely, how does this happen ? 
It takes place in three phases (preliminary phase, investigation phase and conclusion phase), lasts in total between 16 and 24 hours and can take very different forms depending on the consultant. Some will offer test grids, others will prefer to rely solely on the discussion with their client. The most important in achieving a skills assessmentit is the relationship of trust that is established. It is from this relationship, that through the different stages of the assessment, the consultant will be able to define the profile of his client.

Should we wait for a precise answer from a skills report?
Everything depends on the client's request, if he seeks to know precisely for which position he is doing, or to which professional sector he can reorient according to his career and his project. The consultant will provide the answers expected by his client according to his initial request, hence the importance of their exchanges at each step of the balance sheet.
At the end of the process, the consultant delivers a personalized report to his client. In addition to being strictly individual, this report can also be a relevant tool in the search for employment or in a possible request for promotion.

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