April 20, 2024

Skip brings a little sweetness in this world of brutes

From January 17, 2011, everyone can bring a little sweetness to the person of their choice by selecting one of three play programs to send hugs : Delicate hug, hug Mix or hug 90 °! The recipient receives a small video: he sees a rabbit in a washing machine. The rabbit comes alive, opens the porthole and comes out of the machine. At the end of the video, the rabbit hands him a note that corresponds to the message written by the transmitter of the hug. To send a hug in turn, it will be redirected on the site

Share a hug, how does it work?

Whatever the program, the user can download his photo to personalize the face of the rabbit with his effigy. He then enters the message he wishes to send to the person of his choice and his message will be revealed in Delicate, Mix or 90 ° mode. An overview of what awaits them:

The delicate program is activated. The bathroom is dressed in pastel colors and the atmosphere becomes powdery, like the infinite softness of a delicate hug. Suddenly, the rabbit's ears appear from inside the porthole of the washing machine. After jumping on the tile in the bathroom, he turns to the drum of the washing machine to extract a large pillow very cozy. Carried off by the weight of it, he wobbles back and finally turn to face the camera to brandish the message on the pillow.

Once the Mix program selected, the bathroom turns to the disco atmosphere where the rabbit makes his show! He leaps out of the drum of the washing machine and receives himself by taking a turn on himself. After a short moment, he takes his momentum, slides towards the camera, grabs his shirt and opens it to reveal the message sent by the user.

The 90 ° program plunges the rabbit into the heart of a sexy atmosphere. Leaning against the washing machine, he is wrapped in a towel and takes a seductive pose. A moment later, he waddles and seems to want to reveal a part of his body soft and silky opening one side of his towel but he changed his mind! He finally turns on himself to open his briefcase and let appear the message sent.

As soon as a cuddly message is sent, Skip 2in1 Cajoline will return 0.50 euros to Childhood and Sharing. The funds raised will enable volunteers to intervene in schools with children (Kindergarten to college) and adults (in the University Institutes of Teacher Education, schools of nursing, training institutions of educators and gendarmeries) to raise awareness on the issue of abuse.

For Skip 2in1 Cajoline, this is a simple, fun and fun way to send a hug message to everyone we love. Note that the godmother of Enfance et Partage is the actress Clémence Poésy.

Learn more about Childhood and Sharing

For more than thirty years, the association fights for the recognition, the promotion and the defense of the rights of thechild, in France and in the world. It implements on a daily basis listening, consulting and support missions to children victims of abuse, and their family. With an active policy of prevention, protection and accompaniment of thechild, the association is committed in the long term to the benefit of the reconstruction and the blooming of thechild.

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