November 28, 2022

Sleeping with baby: for or against cododo or cosleeping?

The cododo or cosleeping is to share the parental bed with his child. The goal ? Facilitatefeeding and reassure baby during the night, often prone to many fears in the little ones.

Positive effects
For its supporters, the cododo would establish a closer link with baby, especially in case of premature delivery or difficult. The night is then the opportunity to prolong the skin-to-skin, and to find the proximity of the first hours to the maternity.
Some adults also practice it when the child is sick or has nightmares. While sleeping in the parental bed, baby is reassured. And thus develop a better confidence in him.

For the mumCosleeping has two advantages. Not only does it help to ensure that the newborn breathes properly, but it also ensures better sleep. While sleeping next to her child, she does not have to get up to breastfeed. It is easier for him to go back to sleep. The cododo is therefore the guarantee of a good night's sleep for everyone.

A controversial practice
Despite its advantages, cosleeping remains controversial. Recall the recent death of a 24-month-old child suffocated by parents while they practiced cododo. If choking can be caused by parentsit can also be due to objects like pillows or quilt. The child can also fall if the bed is not secure.
For detractors, the marriage bed is not a place for children. Some like to remind you that parents are above all lovers. To each person, his space. Baby so must have his room with his toys, and the adult room is not suitable. According to specialists, the cododo could thus cause behavioral problems, especially in the absence of the father or mother.

Finally, the opponents of this sleeping mode underline the problem of weaning and fuzzy limits. How to explain to a child that he has the right to sleep with dad-mum but that now is over? For them, baby must learn to sleep alone from an early age. At the risk if not to create misunderstandings and conflicts.

The codod in practice
Whatever your choice, some precautions are necessary if you want to practice cosleeping. Your bed must be large enough to accommodate baby, and allow everyone to sleep quietly without interference.
If necessary, make some adjustments on the bed to ensure the safety of your child. Or sleep on the floor to avoid falls. Put duvet and pillows in the closet. Finally, do not forget that baby must always sleep on your back, in a cool and airy room.