October 22, 2021

Sleeping without removing makeup: a serious mistake, the proof in pictures!

A recent study published on the Daily Mail website indicated that one-third of women forgot to remove their makeup before going to bed, at least twice a week, mostly because of laziness. A very bad habit, because wearing sleep is very bad for the skin. Anna Pursglove, a journalist for the Daily Mail, has also proved, in pictures, this week. Curious to see the damage by herself, she tried the experience of not removing makeup before going to bed for a month. Just that !

To do this, the journalist followed a very particular beauty routine: she had to fall asleep with her make-up of the day and was only entitled to a shower the next day to get rid of residues. Cleaning and scrubbing foams were not allowed. Anna then had to apply, as every morning, her usual make-up. Namely: a little moisturizer, foundation, lotioneyeliner and gloss. There followed a day's work and transport.

The first two days, the reporter did not regret any bad surprise, except a pillow smeared with makeup. On the third day, the result was markedly different. "I had developed a series of small white cysts around my lashes and my skin was so dry and tense that I felt like a mask, my friends were also tired." says the journalist, who then adds "My eyelashes, on the other hand, seemed to have stuck to form two giant single-eyelashes". The application of the mascara Moreover, it became difficult, and her eyelashes fell by handful.

The worst was yet to come. After ten days, Anna Pursglove had a puffy eye, her lips became very dry, her skin cracked and her pores clogged. What does the moisturizer, she tried to apply in addition to her makeup, in the evening, to nourish her skin. Nothing was done, the damage intensified.

Tired of seeing her skin being destroyed, and this experience turning into a nightmare, the journalist visited dermatologist Stefanie Williams, and Nick Miedzianowski-Sinclair, who works at the 3D Cosmetic Imaging Studio (center specializing in skin treatments), to a review. Verdict? Differences in textures on his face, skin burned in some places, and reduced humidity. A fatal combo, which prevents a good renewal of the skin. Another consequence of the experiment: wrinkles more pronounced because of too dry skin. Drought aggravated by the mix make-up / environmental pollutants (understand here, metro and pollution), which causes what is called oxidative stress. The redness on the journalist's skin, to which she was already usually subject, also increased. "Sleeping made up has an occlusive effect (it forms a barrier on the surface of the skin), which means that irritations are enclosed inside, intensifying allergic reactions" explained the dermatologist.

Last repercussion of this experiment: larger pores. A natural phenomenon ... among older people. According to the two specialists interviewed here, the journalist's skin has aged 10 years in one month! More than alarming data. Fortunately for her, this is not irreversible in her case. In the long run, however, it would be very different ... You will have understood the girls: it is now forbidden to skip the step "make-up". At the risk of seeing your skin degrade significantly and quickly. Up to you !
To discover the result in pictures, click here.

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