October 27, 2021

Slimming: After the holidays, we take control!

With the euphoria of the holidays, we tend to relax the pressure and be less rigorous about our choices in terms of nutrition. But once these are completed, the fall can be hard for some, especially for all those who followed a diet before December. To find a semblance of flat bellywe take control without delay. Because, the more one takes his ease, and the more difficult it is to recover.
First advice, and not least, to leave on a positive note, do not climb on the scale immediately. During the holidays, hearty and salty meals cause us to accumulate a certain quantity of water. In addition to swelling, we gain weight that we easily lose by paying attention.
Therefore, wait three good weeks before taking the plunge. To burn a maximum of calories, resume physical activity, such as fitness, without delay and stay there! It is better to do it infrequently than many times.
During the holiday season, we overconsume fat and protein. Over the next two weeks, switch to a serving of meat or fish a day and keep a light hand on oils and butter. Flee cooked foods that are rich, including pastries. However, the basis of each of your meals should include vegetables, starchy foods or bread, a dairy product (yoghurt or cottage cheese, avoid cheese, more caloric) and a fruit.
When you let go, you tend to nibble more than usual. A (bad) habit that quickly takes its marks and gives the (bad) impression of constantly having a small hollow. To fight them, listen to yourself. This will be the only way for you to know if you are really hungry. If that's the case, do not panic. Simply replace sugary sweets with a hot drink. Preferably, opt for a draining drink, tea or herbal tea. This will allow you to stall your stomach without calorie and activate the melting fat.
Lack of luck for you, January is traditionally the month of the galette des rois. In other words, for the diet, we have known more effective ... If possible, eat only one share and find good excuses not to return. If you prepare them yourself, replace the very fat frangipane with French Comté cheese, brioche or applesauce. And, the day you consume it, zap starchy and fat to make up for it.
Thanks to Nathalie Négro, dietician and Head of the Center for Nutrition Thermes de Brides-les-Bains.

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